Andy Lau: Yes, I'm a dad now

Andy Lau has finally broken his silence on his newborn baby.

The Hong Kong Heavenly King made an official announcement on his fan club site on Monday evening, confirming the birth of his daughter.

He also revealed that his Malaysian wife Carol Choo has been discharged from the hospital and arrived home with the baby.

"Sorry, I've made my family members wait for so long," he wrote in the post, titled "Everything is fine".

(Andy addresses his fans as 'family members' and they call him 'lao da' - literally means a person of the highest position.)

"Lao da has become a lao ba (father), the one-week beginner course for daddy is over," he added.

Thanking fans for their overflow of greetings, he said: "Mother and daughter are healthy and safe, Happy!"

Andy also wrote that he wanted to focus on being a competent husband and learn to be patient as a new dad.

"Of course, it's difficult to be a good lao da, husband and father!! (But) there are endless happiness in between, feeling comfortable!!!"

Andy says he's not going to post his baby's photo. "I think my family members should understand."

He also thanked the media for their understanding.

"My media friends all care about me. I have been busy and didn't provide the news right away, I am sorry for making everyone wait.

"You care but you didn't push your way. You're curious but didn't force your way, I appreciate that."

The singer-actor did not give more details like the name of the baby, although there were speculations that she would be named 'Yun Shan' (Gentle Cloud).

Hong Kong media reported that Andy's baby, who was born last week, weighed 2.7kg and has fair skin just like her mother.

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