Authorities won't meet with us: Gaga promoter

JAKARTA - The promoters for American pop singer Lady Gaga's concert are disturbed that authorities refuse to discuss the fate of the event with them despite more than 52,000 tickets having been sold.

The concert has been under threat of being cancelled amid calls from hard-line groups for Lady Gaga to be stopped from performing and the police's decision not to issue a permit for the event.

"Currently, 52,000 would-be spectators have purchased tickets and we expect the number could reach 60,000 as the concert is approaching," Big Daddy Productions' lawyer Minola Sebayang said on the sidelines of a meeting with the House Deputy Speaker Priyo Budi Santoso on Monday night.

"Everyone should rethink this matter as [it is evident] that parties who ban and condemn the concert fail to prevent people from coming to see the show," Minola said, as quoted by

Minola said Big Daddy had been more than willing to talk to any relevant authority to look for a solution, including meeting with the parties opposed to the concert.

"We are ready for any mediation efforts. But it seems that when we are open and ready to talk, every [government] institution has been distancing themselves from us."

The concert has been scheduled to be held at Bung Karno Stadium in Senayan, Jakarta, on June 3.

The Jakarta Police, however, have refused to recommend that the National Police issue a concert permit, following protests from Islamic groups.

Big Daddy's production and logistics director Edi Purnomo said that the promoter would suffer huge losses should the authorities insist on canceling the show.

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