Linda Chung's happy to be 'boring'

Boring Linda Chung. That's what Hong Kong reporters call the TV B actress.

It's not a word many celebrities want applied to them. Stars should be fun, be effervescent and larger than life.

But the Canada-born actress told The New Paper yesterday in a phone interview from Hong Kong: "I don't mind being called boring. I don't want to be too interesting. I want people to focus on my work."

"I don't find it cool when (reporters) check out my family or follow my friends. I try to avoid that. I tend to stay out of gossip," said Chung, speaking in English.

The 28-year-old, who won the Miss Chinese International beauty pageant in 2004, has managed to keep a squeaky clean image in her eight years in an industry that thrives on scandals.

She said she's lucky because reporters don't trail her and don't bother her unless she has a drama coming out on TV.

"When they see me, they just take my photos. They tell me, Linda, you are so boring. You just go back to your house (after work) or go out to buy groceries.

"I do live just a very normal life. There's nothing interesting about me for them to write about."

Type the words "Linda Chung scandal" on Internet search engines and you'll get only articles on her rumoured four-year romance with TVB actor Raymond Lam in 2006 and on her current rumoured squeeze, action actor and martial arts choreographer Philip Ng.

She is so squeaky clean that veteran actor Bobby Au Yeung, her co-star in House Of Harmony And Vengeance, reportedly had to teach her how to moan when they filmed a bed scene. Still, Chung said doing the scene wasn't awkward and that she enjoyed it.

The show is a comedy, so they didn't have to be too serious during filming, she said.

Chung, who told TNP in April last year that she has been thinking of marriage since she was 18, skirted our question about her love life by saying she wanted to keep her personal life low key.

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