HK star Jacqueline Law dies from cancer at Singapore home

Former Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Law has succumbed to pancreatic cancer. She was 45.

Law passed away at her home in Singapore, her stepson Daryl announced yesterday, adding that the family was already planning her funeral.

Unable to comment further due to restrictions from his father, Singaporean magnate Liu Chee Ming, who married Jacqueline in 2008 after dating her for 11 years, he could only add, "Please look out for the obituary."

In February, Law held a farewell party for herself with 20 of her friends from Hong Kong, including Sheren Tang, Monica Chan and Kitty Lai. Each of them received a CD with individual messages from their host, urging them not to be sad about her terminal illness. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.

In mid-June, she was admitted to a Singapore hospital and a visit from Sheren Tang led to speculation that Law was in critical condition. She had stopped all treatments by then.

Last Friday, she sent a text message to a Hong Kong reporter saying: "I'm still around, thank you for the concern, I need to rest." These were her last words to the press. 

Law was 17 when she followed her brother into TVB and began her acting career in 1987. Despite being a newcomer, she was cast in her first drama, The Legend Of The Book And Sword, as one of the leads. The hit TV series was based on prominent novelist Louis Cha's book of the same title.

She also featured in the drama A Friend In Need alongside Leon Lai, Jaime Chik and Simon Yam. In 1989, she met Stephen Chow in The Final Combat and they started a relationship that lasted three years.

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