Diana Ser's and James Lye's Bintan getaway

BINTAN - Travelling overseas with young ones in tow is never easy.

But local TV host Diana Ser braced herself and did it anyway.

Together with her husband, former actor James Lye, and their three children, the family of five escaped for a quick weekend getaway to Bintan Island Club Med Resort in Indonesia last November.

It was especially memorable because it was the first trip for their youngest daughter Jaymee, who was less than a year old at the time.

Their eldest, Jake, is six, and middle child, Christy, is four.

For Ser, Bintan's location and all-inclusive nature of the destination helped her decide on the ideal family holiday.

The 39-year-old told The New Paper: "Logistically, it's not so easy to move as there's so many of us together. Bintan was easy to get to.

"Even something as simple as the ferry ride was a big deal for the children. It's a one-stop destination for the family, from taking care of the baby to the food to leisure activities."

She said the resort provides family-centric club facilities which cater to children, as well as leisure activities that involve the entire family.

That took care of Ser's planning, allowing her to put her feet up and indulge in simple activities such as swimming in both the sea and resort pool, which she spent most of her time doing.

She added: "Jake went on the trapeze and loved it. And if he wanted to be with other friends (his age), we could just drop him off and he would be taken care of."

Even baby Jaymee's needs were attended to.

Ser said: "At that time, Jaymee was just starting on solid food and I was very particular. I was fine with giving her bottled food but the staff asked if there was anything that I needed. They gave her fresh vegetables so I thought that was a nice touch."

While quality time with the family was important, Ser ensured that she and Lye had their time with each other as well.

But she added with a laugh: "We did go to the spa, but we had to take turns because one of us had to look after the kids...

"This (holiday) was for the kids, we were merely caregivers."

One fun part of the trip was a sunny, outdoor barbecue party held at one of the resort's lawns. A brass band entertained the guests while children were kept occupied playing football and making tie-dye T-shirts and kites.

And this was where Ser's favourite part came in - the food.

She said: "They had a buffet spread... an assortment of Indonesian specials that even non-Indonesians found easy to stomach."

The last time Ser was in Bintan was "many years ago", with then-boyfriend Lye.

She said: "Previously, we went as a dating couple. It was all about romance. But now, it's all about routine!

"But we couldn't be happier."

Ser still goes on romantic holidays with Lye, their most recent escapade being to Auckland earlier this year.

When they do get the chance, the couple leave the care of their kids to their domestic helper, who would be supervised by either Ser's or Lye's parents.

Ser is also looking forward to another family holiday soon.

She said: "We're looking at a ski holiday maybe, but we have to wait until Christy is older so that she can participate in the activities as well."

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