This Arrow hits the bull's-eye

Here's the first thing the creators of Arrow did right: They dropped the word "green" from its title.

Yes, the new action drama on the block is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow. But, in the wake of underwhelming big-screen adaptations of superhero flicks like the Seth Rogen flop The Green Hornet and Ryan Reynolds-starring Green Lantern (both 2011), disassociating itself is probably a smart move.

Then again, there are many things working for the hour- long CW programme which premiered in the United States and on mio TV here earlier this month, and will air on StarHub cable's Warner TV in the first quarter of next year.

One of these is Stephen Amell, the Canadian up-and- comer who plays protagonist Oliver Queen.

After a yachting accident leaves him marooned on an island for five years (seriously, the guy is channelling Tom Hanks in Cast Away, only without Wilson and with more freaky things happening to him), the billionaire playboy returns to civilisation - that is, his home town of Starling City.

Amell, who has starred in The Vampire Diaries and HBO's Hung, tackles his role as a bad-boy-made-good with style and aplomb.

See, since the accident, Queen has learnt some secrets about his father, who died after the accident.

So, like a modern-day Robin Hood, he starts taking down the bad guys - mostly corrupt moguls with plenty to hide.

And what superhero flick would be complete without the righteous, independent love interest, a la Spiderman's Mary Jane Watson or Superman's Lois Lane?

Here, she's Queen's former squeeze, Dinah "Laurel" Lance, played by Melrose Place's Katie Cassidy.

Psst! Comic-book fans might be able to suss out, by the name alone, which alter-ego the lass might take on as the series progresses.

If the slick, adrenalin-pumping pilot episode is anything to go by, this one might just have some staying power. After all, it was just reported on Monday that the series has been picked up for a full 22-episode season.

Plus, it is the perfect go-to replacement show for superhero buffs still mourning the demise of Smallville, which ended after a 10-year run last year.

Right on target, I say.

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