Review: Homeland Season 2

Nothing says you've pushed boundaries - a little too far, perhaps - quite like a lawsuit.

Yes, the word on the street is that the authorities in Lebanon are considering legal action against the creators of psychological thriller Homeland following the premiere of its second season late last month.

The Lebanese government claims that the country's capital, Beirut, was misrepresented as crawling with militia and associated with terrorists.

The Showtime programme, which stars Claire Danes as a bipolar Central Intelligence Agency agent and Damian Lewis as a war hero-turned-terrorist, is actually filmed in Israel.

Controversy or no, this award-winning drama - which took home four Emmys last month - is as nail-bitingly action-packed as ever.

The show has been picked up for a third season and, hey, even United States President Barack Obama is a fan.

He reportedly told People magazine that it is one of his favourite TV shows.

How's that for a shining recommendation?

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