YouTube stars get their own TV show

SINGAPORE - Maimunah Bagharib (Munah), 24, and Hirzi Zulkiflie (Hirzi), 23, better known as Munah and Hirzi made their debut on TV last Wednesday in the fictional drama, Munah & Hirzi: Action! The show is based loosely on the lives of the two best friends who met in 2006 and then took YouTube by storm with their crazy antics online.

For example, they dance through crowded streets in Singapore for comic effect. Their no-holds-barred comments on everything, including the recent Amy Cheong saga, have given them both fans and detractors.

Simple & sweet

Hirzi, a Fine Arts undergraduate at Chapman University Singapore, told The New Paper: "Our YouTube videos are more about the audience, what our followers want and the issues they want us to discuss. "Our TV drama is about us and the very simple and sweet message of the importance and beauty of friendship.

"Based on our fans' feedback, a lot of international followers are also pouring in from many parts of the world. This is truly something we appreciate on our end."

Added Munah, a Communications and New Media undergraduate at the National University of Singapore: "(Everything about us) has been tweaked to fit into the drama, so there's still that essence of Munah and Hirzi.

"I think every friendship has its own unique factor and with Hirzi and me, we're just two people who share similar mindsets and weirdness. It works for us."

Apart from the Suria drama, the duo also have their own radio segment. It will air from next week on RIA 89.7FM (initially from 8.30pm to 9pm on Wednesdays), just before the drama begins.

Munah and Hirzi will talk on radio about their characters' experiences in the TV show.

Said Hirzi: "Our friendship has matured over the years so much, that we only get better at what we do and have grown stronger as individuals.

"I cannot imagine how I lived 16 years of my life not knowing Munah."

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