Movie review: When Wolf Falls in Love with Sheep

SINGAPORE - This Taiwanese romance flick directed by Hou Chi-Jan (One Day) starts off whimsical and endearing, but ends up being a bit too cutesy.

Kai Ko Chen-tung stars as Tung, a lovesick young man who works in a photocopy shop in Taipei's Nanyang Street to look for his missing girlfriend.

He finds a drawing of a sheep on a piece of paper and adds in a drawing of a wolf. An unusual friendship then begins between him and Xiao Yang (played by Chien Man-shu), the girl who drew the sheep.

This hopeful and feel-good movie is about letting go of lost love and embracing new ones. It's charming but it gets progressively tedious, as Chien is irritating at times with her wide-eyed kookiness.

If you do watch this, stay till after the credits for an interesting stinger.

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