Why didn't we know about Joanne Peh's breakup sooner?

Social media has let me down again.

Why is it that Joanne Peh and Bobby Tonelli have split for "a while" and I found out about it only last week?

I follow Peh on Instagram and Twitter, but there was never any hint of her break-up with Tonelli.

I mean, this is the woman whose tweet in 2011 complaining about being charged $3.90 for hot water at the Nando's restaurant in Tanglin Mall was heard around Singapore and beyond.

Within a week after her tweet, the skies opened up and heavy rain caused flooding in Tanglin Mall.

Yes, her tweets can control the weather.

And yet no tweets about the storm in her love life.

I mean, when Gurmit Singh's wife gave birth to their third child last month, I saw pictures of the newborn two days later on Instagram.

I also know it was a four-hour natural birth with no epidural.

Privacy? What privacy? More like TMI.

I even know Gurmit just bought an Audi S5 to replace his infamous Lambo.

Crazy COE prices? What crazy COE prices?

We know Peh and Tonelli have split only because an 8 Days magazine reporter happened to walk in on a conversation between Peh and stylist David Gan about furniture.

Asked if she was shopping for furniture because she and Tonelli were getting married, Peh said: "We've actually not been together for??? a while."

We don't even know how long "a while" is.

And it's not as if they had been hiding under a rock.

Peh was in Channel 8 drama C.L.I.F. 2 which just ended on Friday and Tonelli was nominated last month for a Pesta Perdana award for his villainous role in the Suria drama, Munah & Hirzi: Action.

They were probably the highest-profile unmarried celebrity couple in Singapore, apart from Jia Jia and Liang Teh and we happened to find out about their break-up only because of David Gan's interior design expertise?

It seems I can no longer trust my local celebrity break-up news to be up to date.

Which other local celebrity couples have called it quits that we don't know about?

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