Hollywood stars shocked by Singapore car prices

"US$154,000 for a Prius? Let me ask you a question. Is the moral of the story "Don't buy cars in Singapore?" says Vin Diesel.

You have it right, Vin Diesel, with COE prices going as high as S$63,000 in May to discourage the purchase of cars to ease traffic congestion.

Not that it would matter to the Hollywood star who reprises his role of master criminal and occasional hero, Dominic Toretto, in the sixth and latest instalment of the car-racing series, 'Fast and Furious.'

Slated for release in Singapore on May 23, the movie sees Dominic Toretto's team come back to foil a group of super soldier criminals.

They may be experts at car racing, but are they as good when it comes to assessing car prices?

The Straits Times Life! and RazorTV were in Manila recently to meet the cast including Vin Diesel, Gina Carrano and Luke Evans. They decided to begin the interview with a little quiz about car prices in Singapore.

John Lui: Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carrano, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to RazorTV and The Straits Times. Before we start, we would like to do a fun quiz. Singapore is a small island and car taxes are very high to keep the streets clear. So we'd like to hear your guess for the price of an average car in Singapore. How much would a Nissan Sylphy 1.6 litre sedan cost in Singapore?

Michelle: I would say $40,000? Too high?

JL: Nope. It's actually $90,000 with taxes.

M: I'm not surprised. But that's how you keep down congestion, keep down pollution. All I know of the culture of Singapore is that it's a very efficient country.

JL: We are.

M: (laughs) I could see that.

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