Rediffusion on 'air' again

MASKED DJs who refused to reveal their real identities, as well as Dick Lee in a pair of chilli-red pants.

Those were the things that marked the relaunch of Rediffusion, the much-loved radio station that was in operation for 63 years, but which closed down in April last year.

Now, the station has returned in the form of an Internet radio station. Listeners can tune in via a smartphone app or a computer.

But who will you be listening to? Although the new DJs - who are still being selected in a competition process - showed up and posed for photos, they did not speak at the relaunch yesterday at Orchard Hotel.

There were eight masked men and women, but that number will be whittled down to five. Those five will go on air in July.

Ms Eeva Chang, the radio station's new owner and a former host on Rediffusion, said that the station wants to "groom new talent".

She and veteran performer Dick Lee will be the first DJs on the relaunched station, which will have programmes in English, Mandarin and dialects. Lee is the station's creative director.

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