"Looking back, to have that experience means a lot. That kid probably didn't care about what he said. It was probably hilarious to him to call me Fat Cavill.

"I mean, that's true to him. I was fat, and my name is Cavill. And I probably did some silly stuff or something. He probably threw away a flippant comment but it meant a lot to me because I was homesick.

"It taught me an awful lot about the importance of words, that I need to think before I speak because it can matter a lot to someone.

"Superman may make me an icon. Kids see Superman.

They are not going to see Henry Cavill the actor. So it's even more important that I choose my words carefully so they can take away a positive thing every time they see me."

Cavill's eyes also sparkled when asked about the woman in his life - no, not US Mixed Martial Arts fighter-turned-actress Gina Carano, 31, whom he's been dating since last September.

Dodging the question about their relationship like a speeding bullet, he gave the highest praise to his mother, the real superhero in his eyes.

"There's no other better woman. My mum is the most awesome mum on the planet. I adore her," he said, denying that he's a mummy's boy.

"I love and respect my mother so much because I know what it's like in my house. It's tough with five boys. Yes, I have four brothers. I'm the second youngest.

"My mum is a really tough cookie. She's an amazing woman. She gives nothing but love to us, no matter how bad the day is.

"She might have wanted to throw us across the room many times because No. 5 was screaming, and she just managed to make 1 and 2 stop fighting, and 3 and 4 put to bed.

"My brothers and I are all very positive people because we were given that love constantly as kids.

"It's tough enough to be a mum, and with five boys? Can you imagine that?"

Cavill shared a fond memory of how his father came home from a business trip one day and asked his mother why she had changed the wallpaper in the living room.

"Her answer was classic. She said, 'Well, it's easier to clean the blood off this one'.

"That summed up what my poor mum had to live with, going around cleaning up cuts and bruises and then having to clean the house up from the mess we made. She's a genuine super mum."

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