Local acts top iTunes charts

Local rapper Shigga Shay's recent reign at the top of the iTunes Singapore charts with the song LimPeh is good news for the home-grown music scene.

But it is not a one-off phenomenon.

More Singaporean music acts are topping the local version of tech giant Apple's iTunes digital music charts - and they are not just the popular and established acts.

Shigga Shay, a 20-year-old national serviceman, has been in the scene since 2010. The rap single, LimPeh, which he performs in Hokkien, English and Mandarin, went to No. 1 on iTunes' main song charts less than 24 hours after it was first released last Tuesday.

It stayed at the top for five days. LimPeh means literally "father" in Hokkien and is often used as a putdown phrase.

Before LimPeh, he had a song from his debut EP, Let's Roll, reach the Top 20 charts on MediaCorp radio station 987FM last year.

Shigga Shay, whose real name is Pek Jin Shen, was unavailable for an interview for this story as he was in the army.

Besides him, upcoming post-hardcore band Villes, who were formed in late 2011, climbed to the top of iTunes Singapore's rock charts last weekend with their first single, The Levy.

This took place a few days after the song made its debut at No. 55.

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