Why must the little girl die?

Undertakers removing the body of a woman in her mid-40s from the foot of Block 659B in Jurong West Street 65 yesterday. The body of another victim, a four-year-old girl, was removed earlier.

Madam Tan Jak Hoon had missed all the commotion at the foot of her block in Jurong West.

When the 58-year-old housewife returned home after a visit to a hospital on Thursday evening, she was surprised to find that a broken chair that belonged to her had become a talking point among her neighbours.

They told her that the chair was somehow connected to the gruesome discovery made a few hours earlier, 16 storeys below.

The bodies of a woman in her mid-40s and a four-year-old girl were found at the foot of Block 659B in Jurong West Street 65.

They are believed to have fallen from the 16th storey, and the woman might have used Madam Tan's chair to climb over the parapet before the death plunge.

The police said they had received a call at about 2.45pm informing them about the bodies.

Madam Tan's neighbours later saw the police taking photographs of her chair, which was found propped against the parapet on her floor.

Madam Tan told The New Paper: "Why would somebody choose to kill themselves here? And why use my broken chair?"

Earlier, Madam Tan had left her five-room flat to go to the hospital at 1.30pm.

She said: "On the way back, I heard on the taxi radio that somebody had fallen from a block in my estate. I just didn't expect it to happen so close to my flat."

By the time she got home, the chair had been placed beside a table outside her flat.

Madam Tan Jak Hoon, 58, gesturing to a neighbour to come over and explain what had happened. Her broken chair, left outside her flat for two years, had what appeared to be an adult’s footprint.

On the chair, which had been left outside her flat for the past two years, was a visible footprint of an adult.

"Somebody has moved the chair. I don't remember leaving it beside the table. It's always kept under the table," she said.

Madam Tan had many questions for her neighbour who had seen the police carrying out their investigations earlier.

The neighbour, who wanted to be identified only as Madam Lim, 46, said that nobody was allowed down the stairs on the 16th storey when the police were there.

The housewife said: "Before the incident, I had called a neighbour from a floor below to come up for a chat.

"She told me she saw that the chair was still under the table at the time. But when the police arrived, the chair was next to the parapet. I think somebody had used it to climb over the parapet," Madam Lim said.

She added that there did not seem to be any signs of a struggle. No footwear was left behind. Added Madam Lim: "I was at home but I didn't hear any screams or loud thuds. I just don't understand why people would want to end their lives this way."

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