Two Malaysians arrested for possessing ATM skimming equipment

A photo released by the police showing the exhibits seized. The long grey device resembling a ruler contains the pin-hole camera.

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested two Malaysians who may be involved in the recent ATM skimming scam that has now reportedly hit 696 DBS/POSB customers, with around a million dollars being fraudulently withdrawn.

The two Chinese men, aged 27 and 39, were caught yesterday in a hotel in Lorong 22 Geylang, during an island-wide operation by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

The duo was found with an assortment of gadgets used for ATM skimming, including a customised panel with a pin-hole camera and a simulated Foreign Device Inhibitor (FDI) believed to have been fitted with a card skimming device.

"Police investigations are ongoing to determine the involvement of the two subjects in the spate of ATM skimming cases reported in the Bugis area," SPF said.

DBS said last Friday that two of its ATMs at Bugis Street may have been compromised during the scam, and it has identified the time periods in which this occurred. It has de-activated the debit and ATM cards of customers involved and provided replacements.

DBS also said last week that 400 DBS/POSB customers were affected with a total of $500,000 being stolen from their accounts, however, the bank told media today that more have been affected with a larger amount of money withdrawn.

The two suspects will be charged in court tomorrow. If found guilty, they face a jail term of up to 10 years, or a fine, or both.

SPF has reminded the public to stay vigilant and to observe ATMs for signs of tampering before making cash withdrawals.