Woman in centre of CPIB probe leads double life

More details have emerged regarding the woman involved with two top civil servants.

According to a Straits Times (ST) report on Saturday, the woman, who was not named, seemingly led a double life.

Friends and associates were shocked to learn that she had allegedly slept with both men, ex-director of Central Narcotics Bureau Ng Boon Gay, 45 and ex-chief of Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Peter Lim Sin Pang, 51.

It was hard to believe as the married woman just had a child about a year ago, the report said. It put her age at 36.

The woman used to be a sales director a a Japanese multinational that provides corporate IT storage solutions, the report revealed.

She reportedly left her job at the time the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) probe began.

One source familiar with the Japanese firm told the paper that there were plenty of chances for sales executives there to meet clients as they had to provide plenty of after-sales support.

There were also ample chances for interaction through dinner parties and social events, the source told the paper.

Another source said sometimes these sales executives are awarded bonuses for meeting a certain annual sales target.

People who knew the woman told the paper that she was friendly but did not think she was the flirty sort.

As previously reported, the two top civil servants were unaware that the woman had been intimate with both of them.

The woman has been described as having a striking appearance and stands out from the rest of her colleagues. According to other media reports, she is tall, slim and vivacious.

Six other SCDF officials were also questioned, the paper said. According to the paper's source, they had been spotted socialising with the woman.

The woman's husband declined to comment. The paper added that he was a director of a few companies.

It also found no online footprint of the woman. It understood that her Facebook account has since been removed a few days ago.

Both men are currently out on bail and are helping CPIB with investigations.