I could not pay child support: Indra Sahdan

Sembawang Soccer Academy player Indra Sahdan Daud holding a court summons, having defaulted on his monthly child support payments.

Players from Etoile FC aren't the only ones not getting their salaries.

Six former S-League players, who joined the Sembawang Soccer Academy (SSA) in December, are suffering a similar fate.

The players - Indra Sahdan Daud, Mohd Noor Ali, Fadhil Salim, Shariff Samat, Nor Azli Yusoff and Argentinian Carlos Delgado - have not received their salaries since signing a letter of agreement with the academy in December.

After being promised payment on several occasions last month, some of the players have reached the end of their tether.

Speaking to The New Paper yesterday, former national captain Indra Sahdan said: "They said they had big plans for local football and wanted to build a team for the S-League.

"They offered me a three-year deal with a coaching option in the end. Also, I saw that people like Fandi Ahmad were involved, so I thought this was a good opportunity.

"But they never once paid us as promised. Every week, they would say they're going to pay us either on Monday or Friday. But each time, nothing.

"Now I've had enough. I'm going to speak to my lawyers about this. I mean, how can they do this to the players? And they have the cheek to talk about sending us to Germany."

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