No entry to church if you turn up in this....

A WOMAN who went for Sunday mass at a Catholic church two weeks ago was shocked when a church warden approached her after the service and took issue with her outfit.

Ms Lisa Chew, a housewife in her 50s, was wearing a pink samfoo, a Chinese-style pantsuit that ended about 5cm above her ankles.

She was at the Church of St Anthony in Woodlands with her husband, Mr Eric Alagan, 56, a business consultant. They have attended services at the church for more than a decade.

The warden, who looked to be in her 20s, told Ms Chew politely that she would not be allowed into the church if she turned up in the attire again, said Mr Alagan.

She was then handed a letter reminding her not to wear clothing that does not conform to the church's dress code.

The couple knew what the letter was about as they had seen wardens handing out similar letters in previous weeks' masses.

Ms Chew was taken aback as she had worn a similar outfit to the church last month but was not approached.

First mooted by the church in February last year, the dress code was implemented in December.

The guidelines were published in the church's weekly bulletin on Jan 1. The bulletin was given out to all churchgoers.

The code allows women to wear skirts or dresses that end 2.5cm to 5cm above the knees.

So, "it doesn't make sense" that a samfoo pantsuit that ends just 5cm above the ankles is not allowed, said Mr Alagan.

He said: "Be reasonable and consistent. That's all I'm asking for."

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