WP keeps mum as rumous fly online

WHY did you step down?

Netizens have posted that question on Mr Yaw Shin Leong's Facebook page after his surprise announcement.

On Tuesday, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Hougang announced his resignation from the Workers' Party's (WP) central executive council (CEC). He was the party's treasurer.

Neither Mr Yaw nor WP offered an explanation for his resignation.

Some netizens have suggested that Mr Yaw may have quit after news broke last month of his alleged extramarital affair with a female WP member who was also married.

When contacted by the press about the alleged affair, both Mr Yaw and WP declined comment, saying that they do not comment on rumours.

Should Mr Yaw and WP explain why he quit and if it is related to the alleged affair?

While some Hougang residents have said that the allegations will not affect his performance as their MP, some political observers disagreed.

They said his moral authority will be challenged.

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