Principal of top school under investigation for hiring prostitutes

A principal of a top school in Singapore, along with a number of senior civil servants, are under investigation for hiring prostitutes from an online vice syndicate, according to local media reports.

The public servants were implicated when Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Police Intelligence Department (PID) carried out raids against the vice syndicate in late December last year, Shin Min reported.

A list that revealed the names of the syndicate's clients were among the items that were seized in the island-wide raid.

The Straits Times reported that about 80 people, including public servants, are assisting police with their investigations in an online vice operation.

According to the Shin Min report, these high-ranking civil servants, including the principal, have since resigned jobs. The civil servants came from various government departments - mostly from the education and uniformed services.

According to the report, the principal lives in an expensive condominium in the East with his family. Each unit in the area commands a market value of at least $1 million and residents there all drive luxury cars.

The man, is said to be 39-years-old, has been married for over 10 years and has a son.

The paper's repeated attempts to speak to the principal at his residence were either rebuffed or were unsuccessful.

The Straits Times reported that the principal had quit unexpectedly last December, much to the shock of his colleagues.

A message was sent to parents of students in his former school last month saying that he was leaving because of personal reasons and family commitments.

A teacher told Shin Min Daily News that the principal had a bright future ahead of him and was sad to learn that he had to leave. He had assumed the principal was switching professions.

The principal was known in the sporting circles and was an official for a national youth team.

The online vice syndicate was reported to be well-known for their Korean girls. It was believed that the syndicate was operating a call centre out of Bukit Timah.

A police spokesman told the Chinese daily that investigations related to the online vice syndicate are currently on-going and that it would be inappropriate to comment further.