Yaw not appealing against expulsion from WP

Expelled Workers' Party (WP) member Yaw Shin Leong will not be appealing against his expulsion from the party.

He stated this in a letter addressed to the Clerk of Parliament on Feb 20.

During the opening of Parliament sitting on Feb 17, Speaker Michael Palmer announced that the decision on the Mr Yaw's vacancy will only be made known when is informed on whether Mr Yaw will be appealing against or challenging the Worker's Party decision to expel him.

He was given until Feb 24 to do so, but had written in four days before the deadline.

Since Mr Yaw has not challenged his expulsion, the seat of the Member for Hougang is vacant from the day he was expelled.

Mr Palmer stated that he will be making a formal announcement to the House during its next sitting on Feb 28.

In response to the situation, Aljunied MP Mr Chen Show Mao said that while the decision to call a by-election remains in the hands of the Prime Minister, he believes that given what has happened to the Hougang constituents, they should have another opportunity to elect their MP.

He said the party made the decision based on their beliefs of transparency and accountability, and that their focus is to ensure that the constituents of Hougang and Aljunied continue to be well served.

"I will do my best to make sure that it is the case," he said.

Mr Yaw was expelled from WP after he remained tight-lipped on allegations accusing him of having an extramarital affair with a married party colleague.

His silence forced the party to act after he avoided several opportunities to explain himself.

Mr Yaw remained uncontactable throughout the month and is reported to have left Singapore.



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