NEA to conduct more toilet inspections

The National Environment Agency (NEA) will be increasing the number of toilet inspections at food establishments to ensure that owners and cleaners step up efforts in keeping toilets clean.

This comes after a recent survey conducted by the Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS) showed that respondents were 'unhappy' or 'very unhappy' with efforts in keeping toilets clean.

NEA will increase the number of routine checks from once a month to three times a month for toilets that were found to be dirty or which have been complained against by the public.

The increased inspections will act as a deterrent against poor maintanence or inadequate cleaning by operators.

Toilets found to be poorly maintained will be given demerit points and fines. If operators chalk up 24 demerit points, NEA will suspend the food establishment until hygiene and cleanliness standards of the premises, including toilets, are satisfactory.

A total of 405 tickets were issued to errant operators in the last two years.

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