Fatal bus accident: SBS to pay for all funeral expenses


Public bus operator SBS Transit is willing to pay for all funeral expenses, including that of transporting Madam Chan's body back to Malaysia, according to a news report.

Ms Tammy Tan, SBS Transit's senior vice president, corporate communications, was reported as saying that the company spoke to Madam Chan's son-in-law on Wednesday to convey the message.

But before the company could tell him of the offer, the son-in-law asked them to contact him again next week. The company respected his request as it did not want to impose on them during this time, the report said. It has since communicated its offer to the family.

The company added: "Like many members of the public, we are deeply saddened by this accident.

"We know nothing we do or say can change the fact that a life has been lost and a family is in grief. We can only say we are very very sorry and will do whatever we can to assist the family during this difficult time."

It also asked the son-in-law to contact them "anytime if he should need further assistance".

Earlier it was reported that the family members of Madam Chan, who died after she was hit by a bus in Sengkang on Tuesday (April 3), have asked SBS Transit to cover the costs of transporting her body to Malaysia for funeral.

Ms Kenix Lau, 33, the younger daughter of Madam Chan Ah Yong, told The Straits Times that the family wishes to hold the funeral in Seremban, Malaysia. Her father and two brothers live there, The Straits Times reported.

But SBS Transit responded to their request by asking them to "submit a proposal to their management", Ms Lau said. She felt "it was rather absurd, under such circumstances".

The family then spoke to their lawyer to decide what to do next, the report added. The paper could not reach SBS Transit for an update on the famiy's request.

Madam Chan was hit by an SBS Transit bus on Tuesday. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said they received a call at 11.20am regarding an accident between a bus and a pedestrian.

Footage recorded by a motorist's in-car camera showed the bus mowing over Madam Chan when it was making a right turn into the junction of Sengkang East Way and Compassvale Road.

She was crossing the traffic junction reportedly with the lights in her favour. Madam Chan was reportedly dragged under the bus before motorists alerted the bus driver and stopped the bus.

The SCDF said that an ambulance arrived at the scene in five minutes, but the woman was pronounced dead at 11.35am.

According to The Straits Times, Madam Chan, a former confinement nanny, was a Malaysian on a long-term visit pass here.

She was staying at the Block 232 flat with Ms Kenix Lau and her husband, who have two children aged four and five, whom she helped to look after.


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