Mustafa Centre trolleys end up in HDB blocks

Go to the blocks at Klang Lane in Little India and you may find something odd among the normal shoe racks and clothes lines.

You are likely to see trolleys from the nearby Mustafa Centre.

And the fact that some of their neighbours in Blocks 671A, 671B, 672A, and 672B are taking the trolleys home and parking them indiscriminately in the corridors are annoying some residents there.

Mrs Ashley Lim, 37, who lives in Block 672B, said that her neighbour has been taking shopping trolleys to their home upstairs.

"I'll see a trolley from Mustafa once every two or three months. When they leave it on the corridor alongside their laundry and baby strollers, it creates a fire hazard," she said.

When The New Paper visited the blocks on Wednesday, we found eight trolleys, all dumped along the common corridors.

One, found on the 10th floor of a block, was secured to a pipe with a bicycle lock.

It had a blue handle and no coin-operated trolley lock, similar to the trolleys from Mustafa.

Residents of units that had trolleys outside were not in when TNP visited, or declined to comment.

A maid working at Block 672B said she first observed trolleys being left at the common corridors a year ago.

The 27-year-old said: "I notice one family brings a trolley home and leaves it outside their flat. It usually happens once a week."

Mr Ken Cheong, 43, another Klang Lane resident, said a Mustafa Centre salesman had encouraged him to use the trolley to carry his purchases home when he bought a television from the store.

Mr Cheong, who lives at Block 671A, added: "The salesman said to take the trolley to move my things back to my flat.

"He said to leave it near the nearby hotel (the Hotel Grand Chancellor) after we were done, and that people would come by to collect it.

"(The trolleys) would always disappear a few days later."

Mrs Cheong added: "You will see more and more trolleys appearing, but they will be gone every few days."

Mustafa Centre's general manager Alan Loo said that users do not need to put in a deposit to use one of its trolleys.

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