Taxi driver involved in Ferrari crash declared brain dead

The taxi driver who was involved in a traffic accident with a red Ferrari and a motorcycle on Saturday morning has been declared brain dead.

Doctors told Shin Min Daily News that 52-year-old Mr Cheng Teck Hock was in a serious condition and that they had asked the family to be prepared for the worst.

In the event that he gets better and lives, he may 'become a vegetable'.

His wife told the Chinese daily that Mr Cheng was a night relief driver and did not return home even though it was very late.

Mr Cheng's family thought he had visited some friends, and did not expect the police to notify them of the accident.

Although he had two emergency medical procedures done on him, he was still in a serious medical condition as he had serious brain hemmorhaege and could not go under the knife.

He also had broken bones which pierced his lungs and had to depend on a breathing machine.

Chances of him reviving were very slim. Doctors gave him medicine to keep his heart pumping.

A relative told Shin Min Daily News that his heart rate was faster than normal. And that he could become a 'vegetable' if he survived.

Police officers who notified the family of the accident told them that the accident victim's face was so swollen that he could only be identified by a mole on his nose.

They identified him at the hospital by his clothing and personal belongings.

The accident happened one week after Mr Cheng's 52nd birthday.


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