Another case of leg trapped in between MRT door and platform

For the second time this month, a commuter's leg was trapped in the gap between the MRT train and the platform.

According to citizen journalism website Stomp, the man fell while trying to alight from the train at 4.20pm on June 13, and his leg got stuck in the gap.

It reported that several commuters tried to help the man by preventing the train doors from closing and attempting to pull his leg out.

A reader who witnessed the incident told Stomp, Hui Yi, said: "As he was alighting, he fell down and people tried to stop the train door from closing. A lady went over to help him pull his leg out before the station staff came over to get the man out. The train ride was disrupted for a short five minutes."

Hui Yi related that before the man fell, he was telling people inside the cabin that he had back pain and was asking people to give up their seat for him.

Said the reader: "Initially, the man approached me to give up my seat and I told him there's a Reserved Seat just opposite me (in fact there were a number of seats available as it was not so crowded in the afternoon)."

However, the man said he wanted a normal seat. Hui Yi gave up the seat for the man, who 'sat down for two seconds' before subsequently giving the seat up to a man in his 50's.

"That was when I knew he did not have back pain," said Hui Yi.

The netizen added that the man said he wanted to go to Yishun but he did not know how to, and that he wanted to see a doctor.

Earlier on June 1, a train at Bugis MRT station was held up for some time when a woman's leg became trapped in the gap between the carriage and the platform.

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