Ex-Sony manager pleads guilty to accepting $3.3m in bribes

A district court found a former manager of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific guilty of accepting nearly $3.3 million in bribes.

Pheh Boon Leng, 46, was charged today with 19 offences which were committed over two years, reported The Straits Times.

He continued accepting bribes even after he was promoted to Senior Manager in July 2004.

Pheh collaborated with two Indonesians, Mr Acing who owns Kencana Jaya and Mr Agus Handaja who owns P.D. Yanco, to sell off Sony media products at below cost prices. They agreed to pay 10 per cent of the total sales value of each shipment to Pheh.

Pheh was asked to leave Sony in November 2006 after he was caught and he has been unemployed ever since.

Under Sony's company policy, employees could only sell to other Sony companies in the Asia Pacific region. In countries where Sony did not have a presence, sales had to be given to the country's authorised distributor.

Pheh will be sentenced next Friday, June 29.


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