Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Charities (COC) had also instituted an Inquiry into the City Harvest Church (the Charity) on May 31, 2010 under the Charities Act.

Both the COC and CAD have since concluded their Inquiry and investigations, respectively. Separately and independently from CAD, COC has decided to take action under the Charities Act.

Financial irregularities of at least $23 million from the Charity's funds have been discovered which, said the COC, were used with the purported intention to finance Ho Yeow Sun's secular music career to connect with people. According to the COC's inquiry, there was a concerted effort to conceal this movement of funds from its stakeholders.

Under the Charities Act and with the consent of the Attorney-General, the COC has suspended the following persons from the exercise of their office or employment as governing board members, officers, agents or employees of the Charity with immediate effect:

- Kong Hee (Member of the Charity's Board and Executive Member);
- Lam Leng Hung (Chairman of the Charity's Board, Trustee, Agent and Executive Member);
- Tan Ye Peng (Vice-Chairman of the Charity's Board, Trustee, Employee, Agent and Executive Member);
- Tan Shao Yuen Sharon (Employee and Executive Member);
- Chew Eng Han (Agent and Executive Member);
- Ho Yeow Sun (Agent and Executive Member);
- Kelvin Teo Meng How (Agent, Employee and Executive Member); and
- Tan Su Pheng Jacqueline (Employee and Executive Member).

The COC has also suspended the above-named individuals from their Executive Memberships in the Charity with immediate effect.

The COC will also consider taking further courses of action under the Charities Act against these individuals in order to protect the charitable property of the Charity. This may include the removal of these persons from their office as trustee, governing board members, officers, agents or employees of the Charity.

For so long as these persons are suspended, they will be prohibited from taking part or being involved in managing the Charity, representing the Charity on any matters, or attending any of the Charity's Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Board meetings.

The normal services of the Charity can continue as usual.

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City Harvest's new home at Suntec
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