He dared to question City Harvest

In 2003, he had to make a public apology after questioning whether City Harvest Church used church funds for Ho Yeow Sun's music career.

Mr Roland Poon had been going to City Harvest for a few years when he began to feel uncomfortable with some of the church's practices, said a report in The Straits Times today.

Then a businessman, he had donated money towards the City Harvest church building at Jurong West.

A close family friend of Mr Poon's who asked to remain anonymous told The Straits Times that Mr Poon was uneasy with the way the church leaders used the church service to promote Ho Yeow Sun's music.

Mr Poon also asked the church leadership how church funds were being used.

When Mr Poon's questions to the church were not answered, he wrote to The Straits Times, saying it was not ethical to mix secular matters and religion - he added that he was "encouraged" to buy Ho's music, and alleged that church funds were used to finance Ho's publicity campaigns.

Mr Poon's friend also said the church would sue Mr Poon if he had no evidence to back up his allegations.

Traumatised, he retracted his statements and issued apologies in five publications while the church issued its own reply to his allegations.

Mr Poon left City Harvest Church after the matter concluded and now worships in another church.


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