2.1 million Singaporeans to receive GST Vouchers

Singaporeans will be receiving letters from July 2 informing them of the amount they will receive this year under the GST Voucher scheme.

This GST Voucher scheme is a permanent scheme and was introduced in Budget 2012 to help lower and middle-income households with their expenses, in particular, what they pay in GST.

Retiree couples living in smaller flats can expect to receive an amount that will more than fully offset their yearly GST expenses.

The GST Voucher for lower-income households with no elderly persons living in 3- or 4-room flats should cover about half of the GST they pay each year.

Middle-income families can also expect to receive a GST Voucher that will partially offset their GST expenses.

There are three components in GST Vouchers: Cash, a Medisave top-up for elderly citizens, and U-save, a rebate to help households offset utilities bill.

Singaporeans will receive some or all of the three components depending on their age, income and annual value of their home.

A total of $440 million in GST Vouchers in both cash and Medisave top-ups will be given on August 1.

Most Singaporeans will not need to sign up to receive their GST Voucher. However, a small number of eligible Singaporeans who have not signed up for a previous Government payout will have to sign up by July 18 to receive their payout on time.

They can do so online at www.gstvoucher.gov.sg or personally at any community centre, community development council or CPF Service Centre.


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