Blogger apologises for contemptuous comment on Woffles Wu case

SINGAPORE - The blogger who alleged that plastic surgeon Woffles Wu was given special treatment by the courts has apologised.

Alex Au, 60, had earlier said that Wu, 52, was "treated favourably" in his sentencing for having an elderly employee take the rap for his speeding offences. Wu was fined $1,000 last month for the offence.

On July 6, the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) told Mr Au in a letter that he should post an apology for his remarks and the letter on his blog, or face contempt of court proceedings.

Au's earlier comments implied that Woffles Wu was treated with bias as he was charged under the Road Traffic Act instead of the Penal Code. He also suggested that Wu was treated better in comparison to others in previous cases where false statements were given.

In its letter to Au, the AGC said, "Your post alleges that our courts are biased towards those whom you describe as well-connected."

"These are serious allegations which scandalise our courts. Your allegations are scurrilous and false."

It then warned Au that he would face proceedings for contempt if he did not withdraw his comments and apologise.

The AGC said in a statement released on July 11 that Au's allegations were a distortion of facts.

It clarified that before 2008, offences under both the Road Traffic Act and the Penal Code would have attracted the same maximum fine and jail sentence.

A fine is usually imposed in cases involving minor offences such as Woffles Wu's.

The AGC told the Straits Times (ST) that Mr Au had removed the post and apologised for his remarks by Tuesday but had yet to post the letter.

Au was reminded to post the letter on his blog by July 12.

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