SIA A380 plane turns back 20 min after take-off due to engine fault

SINGAPORE - A Singapore Airlines A380 plane heading towards Hong Kong from Singapore on Thursday morning was forced to turn back 20 minutes into the flight due to an engine fault.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the flight SQ856 carried 220 passengers and crew on board.

Executive director of local publishing company Lingzi media, Mr Denon Lim, was with his wife on board the aircraft when the incident occurred. They were going to attend a book exhibition in Hong Kong.

According to Mr Lim, they boarded the plane at about 9.30am, but 20 minutes into the flight, the pilot made an announcement that the plane would have to turn back and make an emergency landing at Changi Airport due to some problems.

Mr Lim said everyone remained calm after the announcement. After the plane landed, the pilot made another announcement explaining that there was a problem with the engine controls, and passengers would have to disembark and transfer to another jet.

According to the report, passengers waited for about two hours before they could board the next flight, which took off at about 12.40pm. During that time, arrangements were made for passengers to have breakfast.

SIA also issued letters of apology to all passengers, and distributed phone cards for them to inform friends and family about the delay.

According to another passenger interviewed by the Chinese daily, the crew were calm and responded quickly to the sudden announcement, which helped make the passengers feel at ease.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed the incident, say that there was a fault in the control system for the one of the engines. He added that investigations are still ongoing as to why the fault occurred.

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