McDonald's charges for extra boxes of sauce

SINGAPORE - With effect from today, McDonald's has set in place a limit on the number of boxes of free nugget sauces it will give customers.

$0.30 will be charged for each additional box of sauce request over and above the quota McDonald's has put in place.

In an attempt to reduce wastage, the fast food company has implemented a new "Love more, waste less" policy.

Announcing the move on its Facebook page, McDonald's wrote, "In an effort to help reduce wastage, and prevent abuse of our free Nuggets Sauces, we will be introducing a new condiments policy from today onwards."

Under this new initiative, a quota has been implemented on its more popular sauces - curry, barbecue and sweet and sour.

Customers buying a four-piece chicken nugget meal will not be entitled to any free sauces automatically. They can however, only by request, get one box for free.

Those purchasing six-piece chicken nugget meals will receive one box free. A second one will be given without any charge too, upon request. Customers will have to pay up if they choose to have three or more boxes of sauce.

Two boxes of sauce will be given to patrons ordering meals with nine-pieces of nuggets. The third will be free as well, upon request. The fourth box onwards will be chargeable.

Customers who order 20-piece nuggets meals will be given four boxes of sauce free. A fifth box will be given free if it is requested  by the customer.

The sixth onwards will be chargeable.

Those who enjoy these sauces with meals other than chicken nuggets will enjoy one box free upon request and will have to pay for the second box onwards.

Sauce quota and charges

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