Accountant refused to collect dead mum to avoid funeral expenses

SINGAPORE - Nanyang Siang Pau reported that an accountant in Singapore refused to be associated with her mother even after her death all because of the S$2,000 in funeral expenses.

The accountant, in her 30s, did not show up after learning of her mother's death at a nursing home.

Apparently, she did not want to spend on the funeral expenses.

An undertaker who learnt about the matter donated a casket and paid for the last rites. The undertaker said he was saddened by the accountant's act.

The daily, which did not state when the woman died, reported that the accountant claimed she was only a relative when she first sent her mother to the home some 10 years ago.

She visited her mother several times and each time claimed that she was either a friend or a neighbour.

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