Woman wants to exchange her designer bags to feed needy

This photo shows Madam Fion Phua. She wants to "exchange" her Louis Vuitton bags - together with other desginer fashion items - for bags of rice, which she wants to give needy families. She said the bags did not give her happiness, and she wants to do a good deed.

Do you have designs on being both fashionable and charitable?

Contact Madam Fion Phua.

The 42-year-old wants to "exchange" about 50 of her designer items, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

But she won't accept cash.

Only bags of rice, thank you, because she wants to feed needy families.

The idea struck her last Sunday while she was clearing out her storeroom.

Said the club membership broker: "I suddenly realised I've accumulated so much junk over the years. I hardly use these bags. They're taking up space. So it's time to get rid of them."

In her stash are about 50 sling bags, clutches, wallets, coin and key pouches.

They are from high-fashion labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Fendi and Alfred Dunhill.

She has spent at least $70,000 on these items.

She started accumulating them from the age of 16.

She paid for most of the items herself.

"Every birthday, anniversary and Christmas, I would buy something to pamper myself."

She would spend between a few hundred dollars and $10,000 each time.

She said she doesn't buy herself expensive gifts any more.

"Some were also presents from my husband, relatives and friends," said Madam Phua.

She will keep a few for sentimental reasons. But she wants to "exchange" most of them.

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