Amy Cheong still hopes to return to Singapore

SINGAPORE - The former assistant director of NTUC's Membership Partnership & Alliance, Amy Cheong, has been revealed to be a Singapore Permanent Resident holding an Australian citizenship.

Cheong was fired after posting racist remarks on her Facebook page on Oct 7. Her complaint about Malay weddings at void decks went viral and ignited a flurry of comments from angry netizens.

Cheong was fired from her job the next day.

According to media reports, Cheong, who is in her late thirties, was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but raised in Australia from the age of 8.

She became an Australian citizen 10 years ago after her Malaysian passport expired.

She moved to Singapore for work shortly after and obtained permanent residency here.

It was also reported that Cheong left for Perth to ease the tension generated from the incident, but in an interview, she expressed her wish to return to Singapore one day.

While many netizens have expressed anger regarding Cheong's comments, some have questioned if the reactions have been too harsh.

Facebook groups such as "Amy Cheong has done her TIME" and "Stop punishing Amy Cheong", have also sprouted up in the aftermath of the incident.

The matter also served as another reminder to social media users to be mindful about what they post and to keep close watch on their privacy settings, reported myp.

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