Double deaths shock residents of Bukit Panjang estate


That was the thought among several friends and neighbours who had gathered for the wake at Block 543, Jelapang Road, in Bukit Panjang.

On Friday, Madam Wei Xiu Ling, 40, and her eight-month-old baby daughter, Wu Ming Shan, were found dead at the foot of the block after falling from their 15th-storey flat.

An elderly woman, face etched with pain, expressed the feelings of those at the wake.

The woman, who declined to be named, said in Hokkien: "Why did she want to die?"

The elderly woman said she often visited her child's home which is on the same storey as the flat that Mr Wu Jian Tong and his wife, Madam Wei, shared with their two children.

The family is said to have moved into the estate about three years ago.

"This was a perfect family and you often saw them together. So why did this have to happen? It puzzles me," she said.

"When I saw them, they would smile at me; there was nothing to suggest that there was any trouble and now this has to happen."

A woman, a neighbour from the eighth storey, wanted to take a closer look at the photo of the baby, which was placed on a table in front of the coffins.

She said: "Seeing two photos by the altar at a wake is not normal. It's painful to see this. "I have not seen the baby girl, but I sometimes bumped into the mother in the lift. She looked normal.

"I find it hard to believe what some neighbours have been saying about her (Madam Wei)."

Mother and baby fall to their death
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