Parental pressure made couple take down blog

Controversial blogger and NUS law scholar Alvin Tan has updated the YouTube channel he co-owns with his girlfriend Vivian Lee.

Fresh from the controversy, the pair said that they wanted to address questions they have received from fans and netizens since explicit pictures and videos of them caused public furore earlier this week.

"We're still smiling. Obviously things between us are still fine," Tan, 24, said.

The pair have since shut down their sex blog, although they insist that it was not a decision they wanted to make.

Appearing shy at the beginning of the video, Vivian, 23, said: "We actually shut down the blog because of family pressure."

The couple said that they succumbed when family and friends placed pressure on them to remove blog and postings.

However, this does not mean that they will stop recording and taking pictures of themselves in the nude or having sex.

"Yes, we will continue doing what we love doing," Tan said. Nevertheless, he added that they will not continue to make their sexual videos available to the public at this point of time.

The couple encouraged people to sign up at their blog to receive updates on their content.

Despite the public outcry they have caused, Alvin said that his parents are more concerned for his well-being rather than what he did.

Vivian, on the other hand, is not so lucky. "It is more of what you call a 'face' thing," she said.

Alvin added at this point that Lee's parents were giving her "hell".

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Blog taken down due to parental pressure
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