He made fun of my name

Mr Narayanasamy Sivalingam (right) agreed that there is some merit to the complaints by Daniel Ong (left), but was upset that the dispute has taken on a more personal level.

SINGAPORE - A dispute between neighbours over renovation noise led to one of them making a police report against the other, claiming that the latter had made fun of his name.

In the report made on Oct 16, he said: "By making fun and changing my family surname, he is insulting and degrading the Indian culture."

In an interview with The New Paper On Tuesday evening, Mr Sivalingam Narayanasamy, 55, said: "What he has done is to change my surname."

The other party in the dispute is former radio deejay Daniel Ong, 36, who is now known as a celebrity cupcake-shop owner with his wife, Miss Singapore-Universe 2001 Jaime Teo.


Mr Sivalingam showed TNP a letter purportedly written by Mr Ong to him, in which Mr Ong allegedly made fun of his name.

In the letter, Mr Ong referred to Mr Sivalingam as "Sivalin-ganamstyle" and added, "That's my new nickname for you... cool, huh?"

Mr Ong addressed this on his Facebook page, saying: "He claims I insulted him coz I addressed him as Sivalingam num-style in my last letter... but I told him that I didn't mean that and it's the coolest thing around now."

He also said that Mr Sivalingam had written "six nasty reply letters" to him and his business associates.

When asked about this, Mr Sivalingam confirmed he had sent the letters, but only to defend himself against Mr Ong's accusations.

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