Expat goes berserk over construction noise

The man was caught on tape throwing a zinc panel at the Wimborne Road construction site, off Mountbatten Road.

SINGAPORE - Annoyed with the noise coming from the two construction sites along the street where he lived, he went berserk.

It was the weekend, after all.

The Caucasian man, who is believed to be a banker, barged first into one construction site and then the other, hurling vulgarities and threatening workers.

He even threw a zinc panel into a pit.

The expatriate's tirade on Oct 20 was filmed by one of the workers and uploaded on citizen journalism website Stomp last Thursday.

It went viral.

Construction workers from both sites along Wimborne Road, off Mountbatten Road, claimed that it was not the first time the Caucasian man had "lost his cool".

He had allegedly thrown stones at workers from both sites before, made disparaging remarks about Indian and Chinese foreign workers and threatened them while holding golf clubs and iron rods, they claimed.

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