"From day one, my staff have encountered a lot of problems with this guy. He threw things at them, scolded them, imposed his own rules and regulations on what time they can start work," a spokesman for Unison Construction told The New Paper.

That Saturday when he trespassed into her worksite "was the last straw", she told TNP. Dangerous

"It was, after all, a worksite. He did not have a helmet or boots on. He was not only endangering himself but also my workers.

"What if he had slipped and fallen? Then he would have become our liability. What if we have a stop-work order put on us? We have a year to finish the house," she said.

Unison Construction workers are building a house at Wimborne Road, diagonally across from where the man lives.

The spokesman said they try to compromise by starting at 9am, the time he had laid down for them. But on that fateful Saturday, the workers had started work at 8.45am - 15 minutes earlier.

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