The 80-second video clip showed the expatriate storming into the site, hurling vulgarities, threatening workers and even throwing a zinc panel into a pit.

In the video, he is heard telling the workers that he will "go after" them and "burn" their houses down.

He also tells them that they "have no respect" and that if they disturb his family again, he will find the workers' families.

"I can find them very easily... I am a man of resources," he says in the video.

Shot on smartphone

The man was also filmed threatening the person who was shooting the video clip on his smartphone, saying that he would wait for him to come out of the construction site.

Unison Construction's spokesman said that the video was taken by one of the workers at the worksite. She told TNP that his aggressive tirades have affected her workers.

"All of them were very reluctant to be assigned to the Wimborne Road project," she claimed.

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