India gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital

SINGAPORE - The Indian gang-rape victim whose assault in New Delhi triggered nationwide protests died in hospital on Saturday of injuries suffered in the attack, a Singapore hospital treating her said.

“Her vital signs are deteriorating with signs of severe organ failure,” Kelvin Loh, the chief executive of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, said in a statement.

“As of 9pm (1300 GMT) on 28 Dec, the patient’s condition has taken a turn for the worse.

“This is despite doctors fighting for her life including putting her on maximum artificial ventilation support, optimal antibiotic doses as well as stimulants which maximise her body’s capability to fight infections.”

The hospital had informed the victim’s family of her worsening condition and “they are currently by her side to encourage and comfort her", Loh said.

Earlier on Friday the victim was described by doctors in Singapore as “struggling against the odds, and fighting for her life” after she was found to have a lung infection and brain injury. While still in India she had suffered a heart attack and had already undergone three abdominal operations before being flown to Singapore.

She had also been diagnosed with severe intestinal injuries as a result of being attacked with an iron bar during the assault.

Shortly after the latest hospital statement was issued, an AFP reporter outside the intensive care unit where the victim is being treated saw nurses wheeling in medical equipment.

There was a flurry of activity and loud sobs were heard from the room, but they subsided a short while later.

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