Reform Party's Kenneth Jeyaretnam will contest

SINGAPORE - Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam has confirmed he will be contesting the Punggol East by-election.

"Yes, it is confirmed," he said.

When asked why there was no formal introduction, he said, "Well I think people know me, without sounding arrogant, they know how hard I've campaigned on national issues like accountability, transparency and the use of reserves."

The 53-year-old revealed his campaign slogan is "no more broken promises", both on the local and national level.

"We don't have millions of dollars to promise, but one thing I can tell you, we won't make promises we can't keep."

On Monday evening, six members of the Reform Party, including Mr Jeyaretnam, handed out flyers to Rivervale residents from Blocks 123A to E and Rivervale Plaza patrons and shop owners.

The flyer contains a write-up on how the party aims to alleviate the income woes of Singaporeans as well as the party's contacts and biographies of Kenneth Jeyaretnam and the party's founder, his late father, JB Jeyaretnam.

It is illegal to campaign before Nomination Day on Jan 16, but when asked if Reform Party had broken any laws, Mr Jeyaretnam said this: "I'd say that's rubbish, both activities we've been carrying on for the past five years."

Mr Jeyaretnam met Punggol East residents from Blocks 196 and 197, who said they were concerned about problems such as water seepage, bad maintenance and slippery floors when it rains. Although he mainly discussed local issues with residents, Mr Jeyaretnam maintains tackling national issues is just as important.

Reform Party had called for assentors on its Facebook page on Sunday.

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