Government needs to improve work-life balance policies: WP

Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap, Member of Parliament for Aljunied says that the Government must improve on work-life balance policies if Singaporean families are to prosper. He said that the civil service should take the lead when it comes to making sure Singaporean parents have enough time for their children.

He pointed out that 40 per cent of Singaporeans' time is spent at work.

He suggested that the government should improve the work-life balance of Singaporeans by improving its work-life policies in the public sector to set an example for the private sector to follow.

He also said that official working hours should be reduced from 46 hours to 40 hours.

More public service agencies need to adopt the "Blue skies policy" which allows employees to go home earlier, and paternity leave should be legislated as soon as possible, he added.

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