'I don't think his days will be peaceful'

Mr Francis Yap supporting his wife, Madam Suliani Ang, at the wake on Tuesday. Their sons were in coffins placed side by side.

SINGAPORE - It was a simple plea which he repeated several times.

Drive carefully. Drive responsibly.

It was a plea made with the intense grief of a father who had just lost his only two children in a senseless road accident.

On Tuesday, Mr Francis Yap, 39, held back his pain and heartbreak long enough to make his plaintive plea to motorists to take more care so that other road users do not suffer the fate of his two young sons.

On Monday afternoon, Nigel Yap, 13, and his brother, Donovan, seven, were on their way home from Tampines North Primary School on a bicycle when a cement truck struck them at the junction of Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Street 45.

Speaking to reporters at their wake at Block 463, Tampines Street 44, on Tuesday, Mr Tay said he and his wife were now suffering because of someone's mistake.

Addressing the truck driver, he said: "I only have two kids. It's your mistake. I have to suffer. "It's unfair to me, you see. Thank God it was straightaway, (they weren't) dragged to the ICU (intensive care unit)."

Urging motorists to drive responsibly, Mr Tay said calmly: "I hope those driving on the roads think about other peoples' families.

"On these small roads, it's better to travel within speed limits, especially if you're driving (a big vehicle). The vehicle is tall, these bikes are very low, you can't see (them).

"So you must take extra caution to keep other people safe."

Mr Yap, who has lived in a four-room flat in the estate for more than 10 years, said it wasn't the first time that Nigel had gone to fetch his brother home, or to go out and buy food on his own.

"I've always taught him to look out for traffic... He will never, never 'anyhow' cross the road.

Final farewell to the two brothers
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