Accident victim's testimony touches lives

SINGAPORE - The testimony of Nigel Yap, one of the brothers killed when a cement mixer hit their bicycle in Tampines, when he went to the Philippines has garnered emotional comments after being posted in the Sembawang Assembly of God Facebook page.

The post, which said Nigel's personal testimony has touched lives in Cebu, Philippines, has been liked by close to 4,000 people and shared 839 times.

Read his testimony here:

"Good morning/afternoon everyone. I am Nigel Yap from Singapore. I am here to share my testimony.

When I was a kid, my grandparents took care of me because my parents need to work. My grandparents love me a lot and brought me to school. I love them too.

In my nursery school, I made troubles like : disturbed and bit other kids, walked here and there as I could not sit still. When I entered into a primary school, I took pencils and poked other kids, my principal suggested to my mum to take me to a specialist doctor. The doctor said I was a hyperactive child ( easily distracted, difficult to concentrate ), I needed medicine to control my temper and my action.

My mum was very sad and didn't know what to do. My auntie who is a Christian, shared about Jesus to my mum and brought us to church. I am very happy to be in my present church, all the pastors are patient with me and care for me. They taught me how to control my temper. I am very thankful to my senior pastor, Pastor Emily who was beside me when I was in Primary 6.

I have the thoughts of wanting to jump down from the second floor at school. My senior Pastor knew this matter and took me to her office every week to pray for me and counsel me. I changed my thought and tried to study. I passed my PSLE and I am now studying in a good secondary school. My behaviour is getting better and better now. I can take care of my brother when my mum works part-time in the evening. Thank you and all glory to my Lord Jesus!"

Final farewell to the two brothers
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