He killed my boys but I forgive him

When her sons were killed in an accident with a cement truck in Tampines, Madam Suliani Ang pedalled furiously to the scene, only to see their broken bodies next to their mangled bike.

Recalling the traumatic episode, she breaks down in her first full media interview with The New Paper on Sunday.

But, she says, her anger at the driver has turned into forgiveness - because he must be suffering too.

SINGAPORE - It's a day she will never forget. Ever.

It was around 7pm last Monday evening.

Madam Suliani Ang, 38, had just started her shift at the counter at a fast-food restaurant in Tampines Mart, not far from the flat where she lives with her husband and two sons, Nigel and Donavan Yap.

Picking up her mobile phone, she noticed that there were several missed calls from her husband, and a text message in Chinese.

It read: "The Traffic Police called and said our two boys have died in a traffic accident."

Speaking to The New Paper on Sunday in her first full media interview last Friday night, Madam Ang recalls tearfully: "My heart went dead then."

In a two-hour interview at her family's four-room HDB flat in Tampines Street 44, Madam Ang, born in Indonesia and now a Singapore citizen, recounts the events on the fateful day when her two boys were killed when a cement truck rammed into them at the junction of Tampines Ave 9 and Tampines Street 45 as they were cycling home from school.

Her elder son, Nigel, 13, had volunteered to pick his brother Donavan, seven, up from school after the younger boy's wushu class.

Madam Ang had planned to leave for work only after the boys had come home that evening.

She recalls: "I waited but they had not come home, so I sent a text message to Nigel and told him, 'Mummy is going off to work. When you're back, please remember to teach Ah Di (little brother in Hokkien) his spelling'.

"I thought since it was Donavan's first day of wushu class, he could have been delayed in school." Madam Ang reported for work at about 6pm.

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