The prosecution claims that Lim had contacted Ms Pang to inquire about the supply of radiation portal monitors (RPMs) to SCDF when its need for the equipment was not yet publicly known.

Nimrod, which did not supply RPMs at the time, subsequently submitted a bid to supply the equipment to SCDF. The firm usually deals with security products such as walk-through metal detectors and X-ray scanners.

It submitted its bid when the SCDF called for 12RPMs on April 6, 2011. Mr Lee, the prosecution's second witness, told the court Nimrod's bid was about $400,000.

RPMs are walk-through devices that detect radioactive sources. They look similar to the metal detectors that the public must walk through when entering high-security places.

The court heard that this tender was cancelled in October that year.

Mr Lee said this was because SCDF wanted to "review some of the specifications". The SCDF called for a second tender in December that year and Mr Lee said it is "still pending".

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